Bidstream data comes from a publisher or app and includes basic facts about the ad unit, like publisher and URL, device type, IP address and ad format. Racson Insights Collects bidstream pieces of data and apply AI/ML algorithm to find the meaning of those streams- and determines the consumer intents of specific keywords.

Cookie data

Billions of cookie feeds received from our publisher networks, we apply algorithm to identity the advertisers target audience and their patterns of online behavior. Data offers third party cookie data for advertising customers and often links cookie with device identity graph and bit stream..

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Location Data feeds

Racson Insights has one of the largest location data feeds.  On average we have 200m MAU and 38m DAU and 50+ observation points per device.  We offer hourly, daily, and monthly volumes.  We are a bidder on add exchanges and we can provide raw bidstream data feeds as well as cookie data feeds that can be used today in your intent solutions.  We will be happy to replace or compliment your existing data feeds.

DeviceID and Hashed Email

Securely Link Devices between deviceid and hashed email supplied by Racson Insights Link offers audiences onboarding, personalize messaging and extended  digital reach. We collected pieces of data stream and apply our AI/ML algorithm for determining Identity graph of a target audiences. 

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